(it's so slow) Best way to upgrade pip to the latest version?

I’m override latest PIP package (self.oBOOTSTRAPPED-PIP )


oBOOTSTRAPPED-PIP = OLD: (OLD.bootstrapped-pip.overrideAttrs (oldAttrs: {  version = "19.1.1";  }));

and python2/3x override too~.

    python35 = super.python35.override {  packageOverrides = python-self: python-super: {
      bootstrapped-pip = (self.oBOOTSTRAPPED-PIP python-super);
      pip = (self.oNON-BOOT-PIP python-super);

and add overrided module.

   (python35.withPackages(ps: [   ps.pip  ]   ))


    (python35.withPackages(ps: [   ps.bootstrapped-pip ] ++ py35MODULEs  ))

Whether you choose bootstrapped-pip or just pip,
If you specify pip as the latest latest version,
The entire system is bootstrapped and takes too long to install.

Is there anything I missed?
Without bootstrapping the system, I want to install the latest pip.


The package boostrapped-pip is used by buildPython* to build packages using Nix. The package pip can be installed by the user and should result in a functioning pip allowing you to install things without Nix.

What is it you want to do? I suspect the latter. In that case, override pip and you’re set. It won’t cause a big rebuild because it is not a dependency.

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thanks, I’ll try it again and give you the results.
Previously, although just pip to the system bootstrap like gentoo, and it took two days to no end install… g,.g

    oPIP = OLD: (OLD.pip.overrideAttrs (oldAttrs: {  version = "19.1.1";  }));

Well, the problem reason is my scripting so globally…dependency ,
and especially the houdini package uses python2.
because I wanna use HyLang as anywhere.
Anyway I upgraded python37 pip again with your advice.
so simply time. thanks.

But python27 pip depends on system-wide dependencies beyond houdini, as mentioned above houdini It takes a long time to play.
I will only add it to the houdini derivation but not other, plan to install it.
Is there a way to disable dependency to Python versions of.
certain system-wide versions of the configuration options at all?
(Just like the gentoo use flag).
If we have such an option, it would be great. (hmm that’s buildInput… -_-)

All day long
Compiling. Pip python27…

pip, but if you do not want bootstrap, the system will do a full bootstrap.
I think python part is a lot of trouble.
If you stop the build switch, have to start from scratch.
It is a crazy system …
So, when I’m remove all Python relation package., get the binaries from nix.cache.
Funny thing is that even with the emacs packages, rebuild it.
What is nixos doing with the alternate Python package?
This is not a little…, a lot of crazy.
NixOS is very nice, but this is a bit sad.
I think that problem is build the system recursively many times more than gentoo.
To avoid these problems,
Can you just give me a simple option?
The override system (only modules) seems to require a lot of upgrades.

I found solution -_-;

Thanks!!! @FRidh