`ivpn disconnect` not playing well with networkmanager

At least a few times a day my wifi will go down (I’ll notice in the browser)

  • Usually a ping example.com will send 5 packets and lose 100% of them.
  • ivpn status will show connected, nothing wrong (when it shows Reconnecting then that’s different)
  • I try ivpn disconnect
  • ping google.com now can’t even get the 5 packets sent.
  • nmtui, Deactivate network and then Activate the same network (the turning it off and back on of nmtui)

That’s how I get my wifi back. Sometimes I try sudo systemctl restart network-addresses-wlp170s0.service in the mix, which sometimes seems like it helps and other times doesn’t.

I had mullvad for a little while on nixos and this never happened (sometimes the vpn would be overly laggy, but disconnecting it was one step instead of 2-3).

Would love to hear commiseration, moar network debugging tricks, if anyone recognizes this, etc.

fwupdmgr refresh && sudo fwupdmgr update is null, services.ivpn.enable = true; is a module in my machine, my subscription is active.