Janurary Nix-community infra update

Nix-community infrastructure update

The Nix-community GitHub organization is a central hub for a wide range of popular tools related to Nix. In addition to maintaining Continuous Integration (CI) infrastructure, we also oversee the community builder within the same organization. This includes hosting the ryantm-r bot.

Recent Infrastructure Upgrades:

We’re excited to share some great news! Thanks to the generous contributions from our community, we’ve successfully purchased a new aarch64 builder. This powerful addition, a Hetzner RX170 server with 80 Cores and 128GB RAM, significantly enhances our capabilities. Now, we can handle larger build jobs for aarch64-linux including NixOS tests and fully support all architectures that NixOS’s hydra supports.

For those of you working on projects within nix-community, you can now leverage these upgraded builders. To get started, check out our documentation on how to integrate these builders into your projects.