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Sorry in advance if this is not an appropriate place for the following job post. (If there’s a better place, please let me know!)

We’re looking for someone with strong Nix skills to move the nix build infrastructure for our currently in-development mobile / web application to a CI/CD solution on AWS. The infrastructure itself is moderately sized with multiple private repositories, options for building binaries on android, IOS, and linux, and deploying to staging targets when configured with the needed secrets.

It would be great this could be moved to a distributed system with hydra that could build, host, and deploy the binaries to staging servers, but, we’d also be happy with something more simple that just handled the tests on any merge to the main repository.

We anticipate this to be a 4-8 week workload with a few months of maintenance to keep things running smoothly.

If anyone is interested, or knows of anyone that would be interested, let me know.



Per @ryantm 's request:

We’re a recently-formed IP development company called Be; we’re interested in strongly-typed and dependently-typed functional programming languages and are currently working on a number of disruptive projects in a few fields. We’re based in New York, New York.

This project involves a Haskell (GHC - GHCJS) and Nix infrastructure with web and mobile frontends.

Interested parties can email me: tim at (Solos, groups, and firms are encouraged to reach out.)


It seems fine to post jobs here, and maybe we should make a category for it. Can you add details about what your company does and who to contact if someone is interested?


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