journald not keeping past boot logs

I have NixOS setup on btrfs with a subvolume for /var/logs , I’m also using an “Erase Your Darlings” set up that remounts a blank root subvolume every boot (I did this following the blog here Encypted Btrfs Root with Opt-in State on NixOS). I don’t think this should be affecting anything as like I mentioned my logs are kept on a separate subvolume, but I think it’s worth mentioning just in case.

journalctl is not keeping any logs past the current boot on my system, i.e. when i run

$ jurnalctl --list-boots
 0 3d297bd3eb774f48bfafc2b28f96b068 Sun 2020-12-20 01:58:44 EST—Sun 2020-12-20 13:31:22 EST

only the one boot (the current boot) shows up. journalctl on its own will only show the logs from the current boot as well. Persistent journal-ing is enabled, i.e.

$ cat /etc/systemd/journald.conf

When I look at where the journal logs are suppose to be stored, they appear to be there, i.e.

$ ls /var/log/journal/ 
0949408e2f0c46b4be584634ab62ffdb  64c71a9e3de14b2c930a2100848a40b9  b8f01ca74bef48b1a2eb28dad07726a9
0dfe203d27c848dd9368b6b6d8122066  737d9765707d4ca88b08582f1bc8ae5f  be7d4b12f4924593acd2a24addda0c80
12da9d63a86149279b29edb0b51ebcdc  77f98be47cf445bca57a7ecc92c07c87  d20f9aad63404b99a9925f63e68c501e
1aff1e7deced4f948285679f200f87bd  7f6204c6aea64a8282754e0ef7067501  dbe5bebe75f14661ac596bf5b875ce0b
24557433f75649c390a3cd1504eaf5ad  942c375fc571427d8b779fa1721f5f42  df705c58a4d14fdd99d080b7b5ee6301
27940ff39f86483ca60246f9966b2d6c  945afdd75021446daa3313de1e9b4e9f  e32a7453bcb541b88c0a14133b73b17b
2dbdb9e18d5a4fe2af0868c68242b158  99b26b2ecc7348fd89485113fb1df0b1  e698594a7c0a43b3a972b600a0afab06
492a79ff9ff649189476d80828cdcbb7  9d120ab1ddb14f7e90169d98bdad7dd7  e8f512374d894ce3a25bc012ff5ba224
4a17b10035d443a98146022686f3329c  a14d25b8960f4ade92fd81943e398500  f2c065a36dab47fbb47aaf09a8362c34
4eb036b6100e4e78abd019a4c21c8752  b4239c4971084cb5bcbd5ba50303cb60  f6115c46dc3847409030d82a752fd999
52f37a9013384fa8b68960808778cfed  b59db280ddae44388a14ab3fc0eb9f87  ffe6a3e0ba194d8cbb8c08b14778edcc
561099a00a264e499bfd3a5a6f4980e7  b7665d1914cd41dc93406d8488004eb0

However not even the current boot that was listed with journalctl --list-boots appears in there. The permissions for /var/log/journal are drwxr-sr-x+ 1 root systemd-journal . It’s like journalctl is keeping its logs somewhere else, but I have no idea of how to find out why. I’m at my wits end here, any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks to some help on reddit I figured out I needed to set set /etc/machine-id statically