K3s issue: tailscale not found in PATH

Is there a good way to ensure that one package can see the executable from another package?

Currently I am using k3s, and it launches tailscale (due to my configuration options). However, the k3s service will not start currently because tailscale up failed: : exec: "tailscale": executable file not found in $PATH.

But I have tailscale enabled, the package is installed, and I can verify that tailscale up works fine from bash.

My best guess is that k3s does not have access to tailscale due to the magic of sandboxing…

You’ll have to override k3s to find tailscale; example found here Why this override is not working? - note the solution :slight_smile: - something like this to modify k3sRuntimeDepsrev.k3s.overrideAttrs (prevAttrs: { perhaps will work for your case as well?

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Thank you! An override makes sense. Still trying to figure out if I need k3s to handle tailscale, anyway, or if I should just setup a tailscale network with nix, and k3s can be none the wiser. We will see.

Much appreciated!