KDE Application style broken after upgrade to 24.05

I just upgraded to nixos stable 24.05 and I think my application style got broken. In certain applications, buttons, scrollbars etc simply look really plain, like basically no style has been applied at all.

I don’t know how the entire window style system is set up or how it interacts with the rest of the OS, but something must have gone broke.

I’d appreciate any pointers on what I may look at to get this fixed.

Turns out it’s (at least partially) explained by the fact that kate was not installed via my system config, but via home-manager. And I did not think to also update home-manager’s channel to 24.05, causing a version of kate to be installed that was no longer in sync with my kde version. How that affected the Konsole app I cannot explain. But syncing up both channels fixed the problem