KDE Plasma Wayland still does not behave correctly

I have installed it (over nix unstable channel) with:

# /etc/nixos/configuration.nix
services.xserver.desktopManager.plasma5.enable = true;
services.xserver.displayManager.sessionPackages = [
      (old: { passthru.providedSessions = [ "plasmawayland" ]; }))

I noticed several “showstopping” issues:

  • Plasmoids (widgets) are absolutely not manageable (they are invisible right after creation and very difficult (impossible) to drag-and-drop to specific areas of the default bottom pane;
  • the default clock widget does not show up in the bottom pane;
  • closing windows from their thumbnails (applications/tasks pane on the bottom pane) sometimes crashes the session.

Is there something I missed in my configuration.nix? Or are these known bugs or packaging issues already on the devs’ radar?

Oh no, there are still a lot of problems with plasma wayland.
We merged it in the hope that more people would find and contribute, as previously only me a few other were contributing to it.

Thank you for you kind reply; I didn’t want to sound like I am complaining and I would gladly help if I knew how to (but packaging is a bit too far up my alley for me to be useful). That said if there is something I can help without out of packaging I’d be glad to give a hand.

Even filling up issues on GitHub (after checking if there is already) would be of help here.

That’s very strange. I’m writing this from a Plasma Wayland session which works perfectly apart from a few minor papercuts but nothing not working like your experience.

I did notice that my only widget on the desktop (the web widget) disappeared during my first Wayland run but adding it back and putting it into place worked as expected.

The clock is fine - my panel is vertical on the left, but otherwise should be similar to your setup.

As for closing applications by clicking on the thumbnails, that’s not part of my workflow so I cannot tell if that’s broken here, I just tried opening and closing kate 20 times this way without any issues.

Can you share some additional details?

Dear Peter, thank you for taking interest in this post. Yes, at this point the best to share would be a video recording of the screen. Will do later today.