Kde powerdevil does not respect inhibitors

I know it’s probably a KDE bug it’s probably a Firefox bug, but I was not able to find it in their bugtracker, so I’m trying to ask here in case it’s a nixOS-related bug.

what’s wrong: you know when firefox is playing video - you can see this “firefox is currently blocking sleep and screen locking”. It is there, but since an update around a month ago - kde itself does not respect those blockers that it itself display. screen still dims, still goes to standby, lock still happens on set timers.

checked logs for crashes or errors - nothing from any service, at least not at the time locking happens.

cannot even find which component of KDE was updated that this started happening.

hope someone will be able to point me into some directions.

Maybe at least someone else is experiencing it too?
I observe it on multiple machines.
(nixos 23-11)

let me correct myself:
this bug seem to be on firefox (flatpak) side.
Other programs inhibit KDE fine, but firefox started to request sleep block, but not screen-lock or screen-off blocks. Unfortunately for now KDE does not provide those details to user, so it’s hard to judge.