KDE Wayland and Chrome WebApps (shortcuts)

Good day,

I’m trying to use KDE with Wayland on nixos unstable (Currently on plasma 5.22.5). One problem I facing is that chome “apps” created through chrome web shortcuts are not recognized as having separate window and icon but rather merged into Chrome windows list.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Launch google chrome (or chromium)
  • Go too youtube.com
  • Go to browser menu, “More tools” → “Create shortcut…”
  • Select “Open as a new window” in the popup

Expected behavior:

  • Youtube appears in a task bar as a separate entry with it’s own youtube icon. This how it actually works both on KDE X11 and Gnome Wayland

Actual behavior:

  • Youtube window (though without browser controls as expected) appears just as another chrome window in the task bar

This functionality if critical for me personally - I use all Google apps in separate windows (Gmail, Calendar, etc.) and have taskbar shortcuts (latte-dock) to switch between them.

Again, this works fine in GNOME Wayland but I’d rather stay with KDE.

Thank you in advance.

Hoped that the latest merged plasma 5.23.1 will fix it but it doesn’t :confused:

My conclusions about GNOME having it working on Wayland were wrong - I simply used Chrome w/o wayland support :confused:

Running chrome in wayland mode make it behave on-par with KDE unfortunately - no distinction between separate-window-web-apps and regular browser windows:

(both are listed as Chrome instead of YouTube vs Chrome)

Looks like chrome(ium) web apps are completely broken in wayland in terms of being recognized as a separate app by a window manager.

Has anyone else experienced it? Any workarounds?

Posted a wider cry for help here: https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/qkfi5x/chrome_web_apps_on_wayland/