Kdenlive theme is broken?

The activated buttons are indiscernible, as white icons & text on a white background.

Is this “normal”? A common issue with Kdenlive? How can I fix it?

No, that does not look normal. Are you using a dark theme like breeze? Did you try switching that to a light one or choose a dark one in kdenlive?

Hi, my kdenlive is looks broken too, in particular the effects tab has black text on a black background, which is painful to work with:

I get this result in gnome with the following command:

env LC_ALL=C QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME= nix run github:nixos/nixpkgs/d31b68091bf635c45e2657b40323cf89e664ba49#kdenlive

I’m using gnome now, but this also happens in sway.

This issue only happens on unstable, release-23.11 does not have this issue.