Keeping up with Gitlab updates

Hello everyone,

I recently migrated a Docker-based Gitlab installation over to NixOS. Unfortunately, the most recent version in NixOS is still 16.8.1 and two newer versions with security fixes, 16.8.2 and 16.8.3, have been released in the meantime. I found this pull request that didn’t get merged because of some issue with Sidekiq, but with no activity since.

I am sorry to say this but I’m now wondering if migrating to the NixOS packages was the right choice since I need to close Gitlab security issues in a timely manner. If anybody could explain the situation it would be much appreciated.



There was some activity in the matrix channel and we have some workarounds for the sidekiq issue, but nobody has had the time/energy to push it through.

I’m sick.

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Thank you for your replies. I hope yayayayaka gets better soon.