Kernel 6.8.0 resume from suspend regression

On my Dell XPS 9315 laptop I am experiencing a regression when the machine resumes from suspend with kernel 6.8.0 on NixOS 23.11: when I open the lid the screen just stays black. When I press some random keys the system seems unresponsive at first and only after a delay of about 10 seconds the lock screen is shown. This only happens with kernel 6.8.0.
Kernels up to 6.7.9 and 6.1.81 work just fine and the machine immediately wakes up after opening the lid.

I searched for known issues and found a thread about a similar (but not identical) problem of systems freezing on the Framework Community Forum relating to 6.8 release candidates where someone confirmed the behavior for rc1-4 on NixOS. The bug supposedly was fixed with rc6, though.

Since kernel 6.1.81 works just fine for me, it’s not a big issue. I’m just curious if anyone else is experiencing a similar behavior on their machines?