Keyboard layouts

I’d like to configure an Italian keyboard: could someone give me detailed instruction? Thanks


services.xserver.layout = "it"

in your configuration.nix to set the Italian keyboard layout. There is also a Wiki page with additional information.

but where in configuration.nix should I put that line? Between braces? I tried several places in that script but to no avail. TIA

The basic format of configuration.nix is:

{ ... }:

  # Your configuration goes here, for example...
  services.xserver.layout = "it";
  i18n.consoleUseXkbConfig = true;

  # This value determines the NixOS release with which your system is to be
  # compatible, in order to avoid breaking some software such as database
  # servers. You should change this only after NixOS release notes say you
  # should.
  system.stateVersion = "18.09"; # Did you read the comment?

Anywhere inside that second set of brackets should work fine.

Make sure you run nixos-rebuild switch after modifying the file for the changes to take effect.


Where can I find the keyboard layouts and variants available?

Just did a bit of research, and I would say that: ls -alh /run/current-system/sw/share/keymaps/**/**/*.map.gz would give you the list you are looking for.

Maybe there is a “smarter” way to do this though…

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For now, I found them, in the manual installation process, in
for my French-Swiss keyboard on my NixOS on an 86-64 computer

with loadkeys -u fr_CH-latin1