Keystroke in window manager cannot be repeated?

When I am in console, I can repeat the keystroke by simply holding it. I have configured it to have less delay with xserver.autoRepeatInterval and xserver.autoRepeatDelay with both set to 0.

But when I am using a window manager( I have tried i3, xmonad and leftwm ), I cannot repeat the keystroke by holding. I have searched around and I cannot find any clue for this. How can I fix this issue?

what does

xset -q

give you?

I got this in my console:

xset: unable to open display ""

and I got this in my window manager:

After doing some research, I have tried to set the xset r rate based on the wiki here, but still the keystroke does not repeat :neutral_face:

For someone who may bumped into the same issue in the future, check your setting for xserver.autoRepeatDelay and xserver.autoRepeatInterval. I have set them both to 0 and then it didn’t work.