KiCAD rebuilt from source due to failing hyrda builds

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to install KiCAD 7.0.11, however, I am forced to compile from the source. Now this wouldn’t be an issue per se. However, the compilation process has crashed my PC 3 times, using over 40GB of RAM. Each time RAM is exhausted at webkitgtk-2.42.5+abi=4.0 compilation; with page-files being used before crashing.

I checked the Hydra build status for KiCAD and that too is failing. However, I cannot view the logs because of ‘Output Limit Exceeded’.

I am just wondering if others are having the same issue & whether the Hydra build failures are related. @evils
Thank you.

hi mr360,

the “output” in “output limit exceeded” is in reference to the derivation output being build on hydra
the log you see there is complete, hydra cannot build kicad.packages3d as its unpacked source is ~6GB, while hydra currently has a 3GB output limit
this is a known issue, but not a blocking one, it should build for any user with ~6GB of storage available as no artificial limit is in place on their end

i do not believe this is related to why your build fails
if it is, building kicad-small should work for you, as it does not use kicad.packages3d

since you mention your build fails at webkitgtk, i suggest you try building that on its own and seeing if that fails

you can also lighten the simultaneous build load on your machine by using nix-build’s --max-jobs argument
though i was under the impression Nix managed its build jobs well enough to not crash the computer, you may want to look at the issue tracker(s) if it keeps taking your PC down…

may i ask what is forcing you to build from source?
(besides kicad.packages3d that is)

thanks for reporting your problem and good luck :slight_smile:

P.S.: i’ve failed to work it into my message organically: it’s KiCad, not KiCAD

Thank you for those tips Evils! You are correct that kicad-small installs without issue. I’ll have a go at what you have suggested and also implement the --max-jobs param too.

Thanks for your help and packaging of KiCad for nixos :slight_smile: