KiCAD version update

I’m trying to update the kicad package to the current version and I’m getting an issue that seems to be related to ARM Neon.
It appears that during the linking there is some issue with functions that cannot be found:
binutils-2.31.1/bin/ld: /nix/store/…-freeimage-3.18.0/lib/ undefined reference to `png_init_filter_functions_neon’
Full log:
PR: kicad: 5.1.2 -> 5.1.4 by tokudan · Pull Request #69584 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub

As far as I can tell, “neon” seems to be a function on some arm processors that should either be enabled on all or none of the linked objects. There does not seem to be any mention of neon in the kicad build sources.
What confuses me though, is the fact that there does not appear to be a link to freeimage at all. The message appears without freeimage being in the buildInputs. Adding freeimage to the buildInputs does not seem to change anything.
Can someone figure out what’s wrong here?