Kickstart-nix.nvim - A dead simple Nix flake template repo for Neovim derivations

Hey :wave:

I’ve been maintaining kickstart-nix.nvim for a while.
And now that it has matured, I have decided to transfer it to nix-community and post an announcement here.

If Nix and Neovim have one thing in common, it’s that many new users don’t know where to get started.
Most Nix-based Neovim setups assume deep expertise in both realms, abstracting away
Neovim’s core functionalities as well as the Nix internals used to build a Neovim config.
Frameworks and module-based DSLs are opinionated and difficult to diverge from with one’s own modifications.

kickstart-nix.nvim is different: It’s geared for users of all levels, making the migration of
Neovim configurations to Nix straightforward. This project aims to be as simple as possible,
while allowing for maximum flexibility.

More details in the readme :smile: