Kitty-0.30.1/lib/kitty/terminfo: command not found

I updated kitty to the version from the unstable channel (0.30.1) because version 0.28.1 was acting out under wayland (didn’t read keycodes correctly).

The update solved the problem, however i now get this in kitty:

 ~  sudo -i                                                                                                                                      
doas (sperber@nixos) password:
doas: TERMINFO=/nix/store/444jzask4nm2i9vgih417mnfwlzzvd9i-kitty-0.30.1/lib/kitty/terminfo: command not found

If i use another terminal or the older version of kitty then this does not occur and everything works as expected, so i suspect a problem with the package.

@tex @rvolosatovs @Luflosi @adamcstephens could you please take a look at this?

There’s no need to cross-post an initial issue. The GitHub issue is sufficient to get our attention.

Sorry, i did it the other way around and then thought that a GitHub issue would be more appropriate.

I just found the reason for this, with version 0.30.1 kitty introduced

Shell integration: Automatically alias sudo to make the kitty terminfo files available in the sudo environment. Can be turned off via [shell_integration](

That’s why my wrapper for sudo/doas didn’t work anymore.

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