Kubenix not maintained anymore?


It seems kubenix is not maintained anymore (kubernetes 1.18 is latest supported version, but kubernetes is in 1.22 AFAICS)… is there some alternative or do I have to use old k8s?

From what I see, kubenix is a really great piece of nix tooling … been playing with it right now and it looks great!


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There was this thread earlier this year:

My current take has evolved and is the following:

  • JsonSchema or OpenAPI equivalents are ubiquitous
  • An extremely large portion of those are officially maintained by upstream tooling

This fits the exact same bill as kubenix / terranix. Kubenix has some extra “gruft” (“batteries”), that we might re-consider after the fact.

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If anybody has skills and interest to spare, please coordinate on that issue.

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