Laptop keyboard works for 3s after boot stage 1 | LUKS

I installed nixos using the nixos-gnome-23.11.4835.c8e74c2f83fe-x86_64-linux iso.

After a few boots and configuration ALL generations started to ignore my laptop keyboard after around 3s in stage 1 of the boot process (where you’d enter the password to decrypt your disk). I didn’t even notice it was working for 3s at first because I didn’t start typing that fast.

Usb keyboards work fine, I’ve tried adding hid_generic and atkbd to the available kernel modules without success. After decrypting the disk and fully booting it still does not work.

I can’t use nixos without my laptop keyboard, any help is appreciated.

Laptop is an hp envy 15, keyboard worked in the installer.
Never had problems with it on other operating systems (windows, arch, fedora, ubuntu, popos…)