Laptop monitor not working in Budgie desktop with nvidia proprietary

Hi. I wanted to try Budgie desktop so I created very simple nixos configuration here: GitHub - radek-stasta/nixos-budgie: NixOS with Budgie desktop environment

I have laptop and two external monitors. Without nvidia driver, everything worked fine, but when I added nvidia configuration for proprietary driver (same configuration I am using on my main system and it is working fine with hyprland and Gnome), when I boot into the Budgie, I get output only on external monitors while my laptop screen shows only command prompt (it is frozen somehow). I can’t see laptop screen anywhere, in monitor applet, in nvidia settings, in xrandr output. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Thanks a lot

I tried swithching from lightdm to gdm, I tried this:

  services.xserver.displayManager.sessionCommands = ''
    ${pkgs.xorg.xrandr}/bin/xrandr --setprovideroutputsource modesetting NVIDIA-0
    ${pkgs.xorg.xrandr}/bin/xrandr --auto

but nothing helped. In gdm at least all displays are working on gdm login screen itself, but as soon as I log in, laptop display again turns off