Las Vegas - Nix 20th meetup

Come celebrate Nix 20th in Las Vegas 2023-03-31T01:00:00Z at Winchell’s Pub & Grill

Please comment below to RSVP so we know how big of a table to request! I will have a NixOS and Las Vegas Functional Programming group sign on the table.

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That location is great to me, and Thursdays work well too. Not tomorrow though since I’m caring for a partner with COVID. Still testing negative but not going to risk it.

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Tomorrow is bad for me too. I’m sick at the moment.

How about 2023-03-31T01:00:00Z ?

I’m feeling almost all better, so definitely going to do the meeting this Thursday. I’m inviting the Las Vegas Functional Programming group too.

I’ll definitely try to make my way down for the next one. Hope you all have fun!

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@ryantm apologies for the late notice, but this Thursday works fine for me!

See you there! A few members of the Las Vegas Functional Programming group will be there too.

See you 2023-03-31T01:00:00Z

Well I just realized I missed it. Got carried away at work - hope to make the next one

We’re still here at least for a bit…

Hosted by Flying Circus.