Latex beamer # theme - beamertheme-trigon

How to get the trigon theme (beamertheme-trigon) in a nix-way into Tex/Latex?

Recombine it in your LaTeX, as with every TeXLive package, you can just use its TL package name as attribute name.

nix-repl> :b texlive.combine { inherit (texlive) scheme-small beamertheme-trigon; }

This derivation produced the following outputs:
  out -> /nix/store/kpylxvadmmb9ldiljhwr9aii6aqxyyg6-texlive-combined-2021

There might be additional requirements that you have to add yourself the same way.

Thanks for the example.

Currently I have tex installed via nix-env, so that “nothing” will break when updating nixos and or home-manager
Is there a way to install this via nix-env?

You should treat your documents packages like any other.

And also not use nix-env at all.

Hello @NobbZ,
I would say that usage of nix-env is a different discussion / as well as how stable is nixpkgs(-unstable) …

If I would put tex into configuration.nix
there look to be other issues

for Ghostscript e.g. whereis
I need to adjust (manually) LD_LIBRARY_PATH, right?

But the result would be
error: collision between /nix/store/8787q21c4x5xa0vnkkff28s3jambzhlp-texlive-combined-2021/bin/gslj’ and /nix/store/hqy0ijbzy4hy4i5g7jnhxxsfr8aml1sv-ghostscript-9.53.3/bin/gslj'

I never put TeX in my system or user configuration, I use a TL as minimal as possible per project, declared in a shell.nix or its flake equivalent.

I never had any problems this way.

while beamertheme-trigon builds
eforms does not (LATEX Project Public License 1 )

:b texlive.combine { inherit (texlive) scheme-small eforms; }

How to get eform working on NixOS?

It’s not in TeXlive, so you will not get it work with the TL functions.

How would you install it on other linuxes?

Perhaps you can install it impureley using TEXMF_HOME or how it’s called.