Lead DevOps Engineer @ Motive (Nix + Bazel)

The growth at Motive (formerly KeepTruckin) is impressive, and so are the engineers and tech stack that’s advancing.
I’m looking for a Lead DevOps Engineer - sorry to use DevOps in the title :wink: - to take the technical lead and vision for our Dev Productivity team to the forefront of automated SDLC and development tooling and environments.

We’re an all AWS shop, with Kubernetes, ArgoCD, Prow, Bazel, and Nix in the mix - so a great modern foundation, with a bit of unification and migration to finish and then really going next level. With great teammates, diversity, and benefits abounding. So if you’d like to help lead the team to take us there, and are ideally in the Eastern time zone (or maybe Central) US or Canada, get in touch!

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