Learn for non-English speakers?

I know a few people that don’t speak English very well. Sometimes it helps to be able to write in your native language to get started.

I was wondering if there would be any interest to create “Learn” sub-categories for other languages?

Please reply with:

  • Language
  • Happy to help / Seeking help
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Please also add other to the list, asking users to prefix the topic with the ISO 639-1 code, so when a critical mass is attained a new category can be opened and subjects filed.

Otherwise, there’s still no place for new communities to self-organize. (Though, it also means that it’s less likely there will be someone willing to help I guess. Though I don’t think it should be an issue.)

Good idea. I also enabled this setting in the config:

Allow users to choose their own language interface preference

my reply to the topic:

  • French, German
  • Happy to help
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  • Language: Italian, French, English
  • Happy to help

– Ingmar

Spanish. Happy to help.

  • Italian
  • Happy to help
    the channel #nixos-it is available in freenode
  • Hungarian / Magyar
  • No forseeable time to put together real materials, willing to help / Nincs időm anyagot összerakni, de szívesen segítek.
  • German, French
  • Happy to help