Let's have a great 21.11 release cycle!

Just wanted to officially thank the community for the opportunity given to @tomberek and myself as the new release managers for the next two cycles. We are very grateful for the chance to give back to the NixOS community and push the state of the project that much further! We would also like to give special thanks to @jonringer in advance, since I’m sure he will be an instrumental guide for us.

With that, I’d like to remind everyone of the current release cycle schedule. Since we’ve got a few weeks til the major lifting begins, feel free to brainstorm any further ideas, improvements or even just comments or concerns in this thread.

I’m also considering opening an additional RFC, if necessary, to codify any additional release goals that may arise. For example, one big question I have personally is whether we want to start integrating flakes more during the next few cycles or whether we just leave everything in legacyPackages as is.

Either way, we’ll be relying heavily on the collective expertise of the entire community to make these next few cycles smooth and successful, and as part of that, we’d like to make ourselves as available as possible. For this, we have recently created a dedicated release management room on the Matrix Space if you’d rather communicate in sync.

Most of all, thanks to everyone who helps to keep NixOS growing and progressing into one of the most awesome and useful distributions around!


Thanks in advance to Tim, @tomberek and @jonringer for 21.11

Your work is greatly appreciated.


The planned schedule:

Date Weeks from Release Branches Affected Events
Oct 1 -8 Weeks Ask ecosystems for desired changes, in “Feature Freeze”
Oct 15 -6 Weeks staging-next, staging Restrict breaking changes to Release Critical Packages
Oct 29 -4 Weeks staging-next, staging Restrict all breaking changes: allow only non-breaking updates and Desktop Manager changes
Nov 4 -3 Weeks master (Day before ZHF) merge staging-next into master, prep for ZHF
Nov 5 -3 Weeks master Begin ZHF, Focus on minimizing regressions in PRs targeting master
Nov 12 -2 Weeks master Merge first staging-next fixes into master; begin second staging-next cycle
Nov 12 -2 Weeks staging Unrestrict all breaking changes; new changes will not be present in master before branch-off
Nov 19 -1 Weeks master Merge second staging-next fix cycle
Nov 19 -1 Weeks staging-next Unrestrict all breaking changes; new changes will not be present in master before branch-off
Nov 19 -1 Weeks master, release Perform Branch-off, create release channels, create new beta / unstable tags
Nov 19 -1 Weeks master, release ZHF transitions to “backporting” workflow
Nov 19 -1 Weeks release Prepare for release, finish remaining issues
Nov 26 0 Weeks release Release!
Nov 26 0 Weeks ZHF Ends

In case anyone missed it on GitHub, please report any issues you feel would be critical to resolve for the next release on the feature freeze issue.

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This is only relevant for mass rebuilds and updates that need to go to staging. Leaf packages can still merge breaking changes.

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