Let's make NixCon 2024 together!

Let’s make NixCon 2024 together!

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the prospect of NixCon 2024. It’s time to start the hunt for the perfect venue, and we need your help to make it an exceptional experience. Our goal is to find a venue that can accommodate between 250 and 400 participants, offers multiple tracks, including a hallway track, and is easily accessible by low-carbon transportation options for our European friends.

Why Finding the Right Venue Matters

The venue is a crucial component of NixCon, setting the stage for learning, collaboration, and networking. We want to make sure it aligns with our values, provides a comfortable and inspiring environment, and supports our commitment to sustainability.

Key Venue Requirements:

  • Capacity: We need a space that can comfortably host between 250 and 400 attendees, ensuring everyone can participate and engage.

  • Multiple Tracks: To offer a diverse range of talks and workshops, we’re looking for a venue that can accommodate multiple concurrent tracks, at least 2 in addition to the hallway track.

  • Hallway Track: The hallway track is where some of the most valuable conversations and connections happen. We want space for informal discussions and networking.

  • Accessibility: Given our commitment to sustainability, we aim to choose a location that’s easily reachable via low-carbon transportation options, particularly for our European community members.

How You Can Help

We rely on your collective knowledge and experience to identify potential venues that meet these criteria. Here’s how you can contribute:

  • Venue Suggestions: If you know of a venue that fits the bill, or have attended an event at a venue you think would be ideal, please share your suggestions.

  • Local Insights: Let us know if you’re familiar with a region or city that could be a great host for NixCon 2024 and provide insights into the local transportation infrastructure and general accessibility.

  • Contacts: If you have connections in the event or venue industry that could help us secure the perfect space, please let us know.

  • Challenges to Avoid: If you’ve encountered challenges with past venues or have insights into what we should watch out for, your input is invaluable.

Next Steps

If you have a venue in mind, there are two possibilities:

Either, you are open to share it publicly and that’s great!

Please open an issue with all the information suggested in the template via the “Venue proposal” option here: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub.

Or, if you prefer to share this information privately, you can send an email to one of the member of the current PL team (emails below) with the same issue template you can see above.

We’ll collect venue suggestions and conduct an evaluation based on our requirements to ensure we find the best possible location for NixCon 2024.

Note that venue suggesstions with an existing local team to lead the ground efforts will be stronger, as this is a usually critical part of NixCon organization.

Emails to reach out to the PL team


Just a heads up to avoid the congestion we had this year with Datenspuren since many people from Dresden likely want to attend NixCon again next year and we also occupy the VOC.
Datenspuren will be from 20. - 22. September 2024 and we celebrate the 20th year of the event. There will very likely be NixOS based talks but also a lot of other things.

Maybe I can convince people to share their Steam Deck NixOS experience :wink:

Can you put it on foss.events? That’d be great, thank you!

In Brussels, here are a few spots, by preferences (from top to bottom):


Do you have a relation/contact? Can you help with the contact and form a ground team if we decide to go with that?

Sure I can help!

Just let me know what to do and I’ll do my best.

Yep, it’d be great if you can open an issue following the issue template for each of the proposals you make and the NixCon team will review them and work with you. :slight_smile:

Great, will do it tonight then.