Hello, everyone,

recently Dell released a proprietary binary driver for the fingerprint reader of the Dell XPS 9300 in Ubuntu. USB ID: 27c6:533c Shenzhen Goodix Technology Co.,Ltd. FingerPrint
This driver is already in the AUR:

I tried to pack the driver and hoped fprintd would pick it up. My approach was to pass the binary driver instead of the original libfprint to fprintd. But still fprintd-enroll can’t find my device. To be honest, I don’t even know how the driver is found/used under Arch.

The driver is available at:

Initially I used the fprintd/default.nix from nixpkgs-unstable and changed the libfprint argument to
libfprint-tod-goodix ? (pkgs.callPackage ./libfprint-tod-goodix.nix {})
with libfprint-tod-goodix.nix and libfprint-tod.nix. Sorry for the dirty packaging, most of it is just quick copy paste.

I’m already stuck there and I’m wondering if I’m maybe missing a key point where fprintd or even NixOS handles external drivers. I am very happy about any help! :slight_smile: