Libreoffice cannot use firejail because of path issue


programs.firejail.enable = true;
programs.firejail.wrappedBinaries = {
	libreoffice = {
		executable = "${pkgs.lib.getBin pkgs.libreoffice-still}/bin/libreoffice";
		profile = "${pkgs.firejail}/etc/firejail/libreoffice.profile";

After running libreoffice in terminal, this is some error output:

/nix/store/somehash-libreoffice- line 51: dirname: command not found
/nix/store/somehash-libreoffice- line 145: grep: command not found
/nix/store/somehash-libreoffice- line 151: uname: command not found
/nix/store/somehash-libreoffice- line 191: /nix/store/someotherhash-libreoffice- No such file or directory

I think this is path issue in the soffice script but I do not know how to solve it.

I believe it is somehow related to this post:

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Thank you so much for your help!