Libreoffice SDK (idlc and regmerge)


This may belong in development …

Just installed Nixos a few days ago and I’m quite impressed. I’m nearly ready to start using it as my main OS for a while, just sorting out a few niggles. One of which is …

Libreoffice and its SDK. I write python extensions for Libreoffice and to package them into an OXT
that LO can install, I need the LO SDK. Specifically the tools idlc and regmerge. I can’t install the stock LO SDK over a proprietary install, it needs to be compiled along with the application.

I can’t see any reference to the LO SDK anywhere, not even in the libreoffice nixpkg.

Is there any chance that the nix devs will make the Libreoffice SDK available in the future?


I have the same problem and haven’t find a solution yet.