Librewolf and plasma-browser-integration

Hi everyone! First excuse me if the question is trivial but I have installed nixos a few days ago and I am still a newbie: I installed nixos with the graphical installer and upgraded to the unstable version, I managed (for better or worse) to get most things working (syncthing, kde-connect, mpd) using the file /etc/nixos/configuration.nix (i’m not using home manager nor flakes), one thing i can’t get to work is plasma-browser-integration with librewolf, can anyone tell me if there is a way to make it work?

From what I understand the problem depends on this missing link in /usr/lib: Updating to LibreWolf 91.0.1 breaks KeePassXC browser integration (#242) · Issues · LibreWolf / Browser / Linux · GitLab
I had a similar problem with another extension (keepassxc-browser) which I solved by creating the link ln -s ~/.mozilla/native-messaging-hosts ~/.librewolf/native-messaging-hosts but with plasma-browser-integration doesn’t seem to be enough.

Here another link about it: Frequently Asked Questions – LibreWolf

In the end it looks like I managed to fix it by simply installing librewolf like so:

with pkgs; [
(librewolf.override { extraNativeMessagingHosts = [ libsForQt5.plasma-browser-integration ]; })

This is probably a better solution: (librewolf.override { cfg.enablePlasmaBrowserIntegration = true; })