Lightdm Greeter with nm-applet or any other network connectivity tool


I am currently using lightdm as displayManager and gtk as greeter for lightdm. I have tried without succeed to add “~nm-applet” to services.xserver.displayMananger.lightdm.greeter.gtk.indicators but I am still not able to add nm-applet to my greeter.

In fact what I want to do is to let the user connect to a network before login to the machine. The reason behind is that I am using ldap with sssd to authenicate my user which requires the machine to be connected to internet (at least after 2 days when the cache expires).

Does any one knows how to add nm-applet or any other software so that the user can connect to a network in case the cache has expired.

Also I am not against changing the greeter if needed, for example I know that unity-greeter has that functionality but I am not able to install it on nixos. Also gdm3 have a read-only network manager but I do not know how to make work so that I can connect to a network.

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It seems that this indicator is not included (cf.