Liminix : (uncloaking) a Nix-based system for consumer wifi routers

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Liminix is a project to create a Nix-based system for configuring consumer wifi routers, of the kind that OpenWrt or DD-WRT or Gargoyle or Tomato run on. It’s not NixOS-on-your-router: it’s aimed at devices that are underpowered for the full NixOS experience. It uses busybox tools, musl instead of GNU libc, and s6-rc instead of systemd.

Liminix is nowhere near ready for general use, but I do now have one device which is running it in a “domestic wifi router” configuration (two band wireless, wired lan, upstream via PPPoE) so this seems an opportune time to start talking about it. I’m happy to announce that it’s been granted funding from the NLnet NGI0 Entrust initiative so progress should be happening over the next few months.

(If you’ve been doing Nix for more than a few years you might remember “NixWRT”. This is similar goals, same author, different name, hopefully better execution)


How can I get an email when there’s a new release, please?

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Congrats on the funding! This is great news :relaxed:


I don’t have mailing lists set up yet, but if you watch this thread (I think discourse has email notifications) I’ll be sure to update it as and when anything amazing happens

If you’re not wedded to email as a nitification mechanism you could use an RSS feed reader to subscribe to Liminix (which strictly speaking seems to be Atom, but I’d expect any vaguely modern feed reader to do both)


… and if you’re interested in seeing it work but not quite interested enough in it to go out and buy a sacrificial router to partially dismember, I made a video

Apologies for the production values :slight_smile:

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