Links sent from email do not link

0) Baby step #2b; adding arguments to the script - #5 by jtojnar

1)still broken = link to (homoiconicity)

sorry for the discourse spam commentary + emoji :wink:

Does the title sound interesting if you read it out loud? Is it a good summary?



Who would be interested in this? Why does it matter? What kind of responses do you want?

-discourse should be interested
-email links fecked up FTR
-fix up the feck up

also some algorithmic assumptions wrt

Your topic is similar to…

it aint
just has email in the title


Hmm, if I send [homoiconicity]([](, it turns into [homoiconicity]([]( Not sure if it is discourse or my e-mail client which botches it.

It looks like my client sends HTML messages which feature the botched
links: homoiconicity

Yeah, plain text replies work correctly ^. Let’s see the HTML message: Homoiconicity

well :poop: …what client ?
… was convinced i had seen some other ppl’s links showing same non-linky ness

perhaps they use same client =/

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didn’t work.

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well :poop: …what client ?


Actually, mobile Gmail does the same. And unlike Geary, I am not aware how I can change it to plain text mode.