Linux Fest Northwest, April 26-29 in Bellingham, WA

I’ll be at LinuxFest NW - a free, mostly noncommercial and low-hype conf at Bellingham Technical College this coming weekend (April 26-29) - and I was wondering who else from the Nix community might be attending.

There are two Sunday morning NixOS talks on the schedule, and maybe we can get together for hacking / BoF time Sunday as well. :sunrise_over_mountains: Also, if anyone is coming through Portland and wants to carpool LMK.


I’m planning on being there Sat and Sun! I’m relatively local (Lake Stevens) so if anyone needs help with anything, feel free to reach out.

I’ll be there, with a stack of these to share. Look for the seagull.

Very good. Hope to see you all there!
_Andrew, seems like you’re a cyclist. I’ll have a bike with me and sneaking in rides on breaks etc.