List of companies using NixOS technologies

It’s time for another refresh!

The last time we did this was 3 years ago:

Let’s keep the format simple:

  • Name of company
  • Link to homepage
  • A few words on what parts of the NixOS project you use and for what.
  • Feel free to say if you are hiring for a role that uses Nix

Sure, happy to share.

  • TenX
  • We use NixOS for our inhouse build machine, as well as nixpkgs for our developer machines (to keep the environments in sync on OSX and Linux) and nix the language for some of our tooling such as cargo2nix
  • Type Classes
  • and
  • Servers and developer machines run NixOS. Servers run nginx, acme, and a handful of socket-activated haskell services. We use cabal2nix and the ghcWithPackages function to build the package database, but compile our in-house code with a bit of bespoke infrastructure that involves a nix derivation for each haskell module. All the static site content is built with nix, with the primary build dependencies being pandoc, inkscape, imagemagick, and the makeFontsConf function.
  • Standard Cognition
  • We’re doing autonomous checkout; applying AI to retail and getting rid of pesky lines forever. We build all the software that runs in the stores with Rust and package it with Nix. We’ve also been playing with running NixOS on embedded devices lately.
  • We’re always interested in people who know Nix and/or Rust. Reach out to me at
  • nyantec
  • Internal infrastructure like monitoring and gitlab servers
  • Acosense
  • Research code written in Python packaged using Nix (Flakes). Some servers run NixOS, e.g. hosting gitea and webapps for viewing our data. Next year we may make the switch from Debian to NixOS on our product (embedded device).
  • RELEX Solutions
  • We have a custom deployment service to manage 1000’s of single-tenant instances of RELEX’s core software (grocery and retail forecasting/supply chain magic). The deployment service is being rewritten on top of Nix: user input is used to generate a derivation that describes the particular instance. We deploy to Centos using a custom deployment agent that is a thin wrapper over nix-env and systemd. (I’d like to see that agent open sourced, which may indeed happen when we have a spare minute.) The service itself runs on NixOS, as do most of our development laptops. It is written in Haskell and deployed with kubectl <( dhall-to-yaml ./all-of-isengard.dhall), so make of that what you will. :smiley:
  • We are currently hiring for a couple roles that do not get to use Nix straightaway, unless you start implementing things with Nix, in which case, you would be. Haha. Devops and Kubernetes. These teams both work closely with mine, so there’s lots of room for cross-pollination. Feel free to message me / email me for more details! And if you’re just way into Haskell and Finland, that’s cool too, let me know.