List of Nix linters

Here’s a list of linters I’ve found for Nix. Feel free to reply with any I’ve missed.
I’ve added some comments saying what I find unique about some of them.

List of linting tools for Nix


nixpkgs-hammering is a linter specifically for nixpkgs derivations.

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Thanks, I’ve added it

GitHub - nix-community/nixpkgs-lint: A fast semantic linter for Nix using tree-sitter 🌳 + ❄️. [maintainers=@Artturin,@siraben] (not to be confused with the old nixpkgs script) is made for nixpkgs.

Since this was bumped, can probably also add nixd:

This is already listed as nix-lint, which is the name before it was renamed

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I would also like to add GitHub - astro/deadnix: Scan Nix files for dead code

Thank you for the recommendations, I have added them.