Lix 2.90 "Vanilla Ice Cream"


Been driving Lix for a while now, must say the improved eval times are much appreciated. :slight_smile:


Quite an impressive first release.
As someone who really doesn’t want any headache of migrating – it’s pretty appealing…

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It’s honestly not a “big headache” at all. On NixOS you simply

  nix.package = pkgs.lix;

An that’s it.


As I wanted lix for nearly everything, I used an overlay instead.

nixpkgs.overlays = [ (f: _: { nix = f.lixVersions.latest; }) ];

(Yes, this will, intentionally, cause several rebuilds.)

Though, anything that needs a specific version of nix (e.g. nix-eval-jobs) won’t be able to use lix, of course.

fwiw there’s a fork of nix-eval-jobs working together with Lix:


I just tried this, and of course it is just that easy.

Even after half decade of NixOS use I’m still surprised how seamless and fearless such big experimentation can be. If there is an issue, things will likely not build. Even if it builds and breaks, just reboot and get back to working state.

That said, I am really seeing improved perf work, and it is indeed an impressive release. Congrats to all involved!


On that note, is it possible to pin their fork to a specific applicable version? e.g. since I’m using lix 2.90.0-rc1 for now, how might I know which associated commit to use (I don’t see any tags)?

Seems like there are tags in the repo.

I’m referring to the nix-eval-jobs fork