LMMS 1.3.0-alpha Overlay

For those wanting to use LMMS 1.3.0 instead of the outdated stable release that’s never updated, 1.2.2, use this overlay that @fps & TehBoss from the IRC put together:

    nixpkgs.overlays = [
        (self: super: {
            lmms = super.lmms.overrideAttrs {
                version = "1.3.0-alpha.1";
                src = pkgs.fetchFromGitHub {
                    owner = "LMMS";
                    repo = "lmms";
                    rev = "bda042e1eb59e4c7508faa072051c50c2e12894d";
                    sha256 = "sha256-EGJcTzPUkIqURHKjX6dTRkeRTqwHM8eG74lYVILgSAs";
                    fetchSubmodules = true;
                patches = [];

@goibhniu @yana (lmms package maintainers, hope i’m tagging the right names!): do you think a lmms-unstable package is warranted? upstream has struggled to figure out their release process in 4 years, i’d guess there’s value in a package variant that tracks something closer to master for a package like this if the extra maintenance isn’t too burdensome (i’d guess those interested in a more up-to-date LMMS probably don’t need an actual nightly, but would benefit from a lmms-unstable even if it’s bumped on something like a monthly or “as needed” cadence).

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