Localized Documentation (manpages)

Is there support for non-English manpages currently in NixOS?

I had a brief look around the git repo but didn’t spot anything, I’m just wondering if I missed them.

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Pretty sure there is no such thing. The project is still fairly young and focused on developer-users.

I guess it is a sign of rising relevance if people start wondering about i18n/l11n.

@fricklerhandwerk My humblest apologies for the delayed reply, I don’t seem to have got a notification of your response.

Thanks for responding, that makes perfect sense to me.

I can imagine it not being an issue for a while. I’m probably atypical because my use-case is that I’m learning a language, and wanted to immerse myself in that language as fully as possible - localized manpages are a great source of terminology for me.

Completely off-topic @philipstears: You’d want to make sure you are “Watching” a topic you’d want to get notifications for. Currently it seems the default for a topic you’ve raised / replied to is “Tracking”. You can change this default at the settings.

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@dramforever hope you don’t mind being tagged randomly but how do you handle this for mostly Chinese speaking audience?