Logitech Webcam Pro 9000

I’m new with NixOS-21.11 Gnome, but sufficiently experienced with many Linux distribution, i.e. Gentoo. I would like to activate my Webcam Pro 9000, which is directly recognized in lsusb (and directly working in Linux with Cheese program). I understand that I should put something in my config.nix, but I’m not yet sufficiently expert to decide what and where. Is there a kind helper who can guide me? Thanks.

Are you sure it doesn’t “just work” without any changes to your NixOS configuration?

Do you have any instructions (e.g. from Logitech) on how to set it up on any other Linux distro? If so, I might be able to adapt it to NixOS.

Webcams should be plug and play due to them using the UVC USB class. No special configuration should be required.

If it works in Cheese you should be all set - what are you actually trying to achieve?

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Thank you for your quick answer. In fact, the plug and play works but the image does not always appear. I have the impression that it is necessary to force the loading of some driver (ucvvideo?) In the kernel. Thank you for your help.

Giorgio Cittadini