Looking for a job

Hello, I haven’t posted here much but I am very active on the Nix/NixOS Discord server. I’m a contributor to Nix/Nixpkgs and I’ve made a few PR’s like the Flutter Engine PR and adding binfmt to Java. I was recently laid off but I am looking to continue my career and as I’ve had a lot of experience with Nix, I’m looking for a job. I’ll be looking at this post along with many other posts here. I’ll also be looking on other sites such as LinkedIn, AngelList, etc. If anyone has open positions, please reply to this post or send me a message.


Just saw this pop up on the Rust subreddit: NixOS Developer at Anduril Industries | echojobs.io

Sweet, thanks. I’ll check it out, I’m not a Rust programmer but I can learn pretty quickly.

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