Looking for a part-time/freelance to work on a transition to NixOS in a bare metal environment

we are looking for someone to help us transition to NixOS. In a true DevOps fashion, ultimately we want to keep the skills in house but to aid with the transition we are looking for external help.

We are setting up a new environment based on NixOS. It’s running on bare metal machines. We will run Kubernetes on those nodes, most likely using rke2 (we are currently using k3s on flatcar). One of the nodes has GPU installed on it so we will also need to integrate that.

We also have pretty strict compliance requirements so we will have to LUKS-encrypt our disks, and possibly automate the decryption using TPM (if feasible), maybe use Secure Boot (if feasible).

We will also want to have access to those nodes using tailscale, and configure them using gitops with something like morph.

The job could be either billed as a fixed time project with a defined budget or on hourly basis. The above, is just a rough description of what we’re planning to do we would establish the final scope together, but we can be sure it’d have a fixed scope.

As a nice bonus, you will be allowed to open source all of the work you will have created for us under your own name. Our use case is pretty common :slight_smile:.

DM me if interested. Feel free to share it with anyone.


Is this position still open?

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