Looking for a tutorial to build a datacenter store cache

New comer to Nix, the package manager.

Context: we are using Debian as our base image in a datacenter. We already have a debian mirror.

I discovered and tried Nix as user package manager, for dev teams without sudo rights. It worked after some massage (build accounts GID were coliding with our own choise, managed by LDAP).

I am looking for a tutorial to build a datacenter cache of packages, to speed up local nix store preps (and lessen the load on Internet connexion and caches).
Could you point me to how-to ?

Best regards.

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If you want to serve /nix/store of one of your machines (i.e. your CI server): GitHub - nix-community/harmonia: Nix binary cache implemented in rust using libnix-store (maintainer: @Mic92)
If you instead want a server that you can push data to from a different machine and de-duplication: GitHub - zhaofengli/attic: Multi-tenant Nix Binary Cache


Thank you for the quick answer.
I will explore the 2 options.