Looking for beta testers for garnix, a nix flakes CI

I’ve been working on a garnix, a CI for (currently) flakes-based projects, as well as a cache for the builds. It’s substantially faster than github actions, and hopefully just as easy or easier to set up.

It’s still distinctly a beta, so things are rough around the edges, and there are a few important limitations. In particular, right now it only runs flakes, and x86_64-linux packages, and on github. But I wanted to see if a few patient people might want to beta test it, so I can prioritize work based on what I see their needs are.

Additionally, if a company would also like to start trying it out, I’m happy to support them through the process. Just get in touch with me here, or at jkarni@garnix.io.

(If you’re interested in beta testing as an individual too feel free to reach out. Hearing from you is a large part of the point!)

In either case, you can sign up on the website, and it should take you through the process of getting started. In essence, it works as a github app; once installed on a repo, any commit triggers a nix build

CI and caching isn’t the full story of where garnix is going, but I’ll speak more to the other things when I have something to show!