Looking for example Flake of `haskell.nix` and `flake-parts` for Mac/Linux support

Is there a simple Flake example which combines the haskell.nix flake (Getting started with Flakes - Alternative Haskell Infrastructure for Nixpkgs) and flake-parts (flake-parts/flake.nix at 19e0f88324d90509141e192664ded98bb88ef9b2 · hercules-ci/flake-parts · GitHub)?

My understanding of flake-parts is that it helps with the system parameter.

I am trying to make a Flake very easy to use on both Mac and Linux.

I am trying to make these commands

  • nix build
  • nix flake check
  • nix flake show
  • nix develop

work seamlessly on Mac and Linux without using the --impure flag.

I am looking through these GitHub search results:
haskell.nix flake-parts filename:flake.nix

Thank you

I’ve found one example of a haskell.nix Flake with seamless Mac/Linux support: GitHub - input-output-hk/cicero-pipe: Stream facts to Cicero
It does not use flake-parts.