Looking for extra maintainers for nixos-vscode-server

I started nixos-vscode-server because I use VS Code for almost everything and loved the idea of being able to use it with NixOS, but it was not out of necessity, but more for the fun of it.

The way VS Code server is installed is far from stable, and so my workarounds break somewhat frequently. This combined with me starting the project out of interest, interests which come and go, and I am hardly using the project myself, makes me a bad maintainer for the project. However enough people seem to use the project, to which it can be very important in their daily work, that I don’t want to just abandon it.

Yet given I am not really a user of it, and I have other interests I rather be spending my time on, I cannot spend the time on it it deserves. So I moved the project over to nix-community and I hope to find additional maintainers that are invested in it to keep it in working order. Please let me know if you are interested in doing so!