Looking for more interesting yet simple examples for nixos.org landing page

As we - marketing team - are improving the nixos.org we want to showcase early on (on landing page) how to use Nix and why someone would be interested in Nix.

Main topics that we want to - initially - focus on the website are:

  • development environemnts
  • devops / cloud deployments

Current examples try to go into that direction, but I hope we - as a community - can dig into our heads and find even better examples that will take the socks off from people.

I would really appreciate if you open a Pull Request against the index.tt and add an example. That way we can see how examples relates to the rest of the website.

So, show me your super Nix powers! :slight_smile:


I really like having simple examples on the NixOS webpage. They may currently focus a bit too much on docker though. Another remark: I see that the Nix expression for the EC2 instance declares the Nginx configuration but not yet how to deploy in the Amazon cloud.

What about a caddy server, serving a website and a micro-service ? Thus featuring automated https certification and proxying ?

services = {
  caddy = {
    enable = true;
    config = ''
      domain.com {
        root /srv/domain
      service.domain.com {
        proxy / localhost:5000