Looking for RFC98 shepherds

Hey y’all!

Undoubtedly you will have seen RFC 98, suggesting to create a community team to take over moderation tasks for different aspects of the community.

Because GitHub is a great piece of software, it’s increasingly impossible to load the RFC page. Because of this, we (the RFC steering committee) are posting here to look for additional shepherds.

Current nominations are: @spacekookie (me), @expipiplus1, (@blaggacao withdrew), @shlevy, @ToxicFrog, @zimbatm, @Xe (these are the GitHub usernames, please let me know if the discourse username varies)

Please refrain from launching into RFC-related discussion here. We are however interested in thoughts on whether to move the RFC discussion to a dedicated Discourse thread (or something else?).

Thank you


I think @shlevy self nominated.


GitHub users ToxicFrog, zimbatm, and Xe volunteered. @blaggacao withdrew, deferring to zimbatm. I don’t know if the others have Discourse accounts or not.

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